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The Forensic Lunch! The twice a month podcast devoted to Digital Forensics and Incident Response!
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Nov 23, 2015

Forensic Lunch!


This episode we are live from Google in Mountain View, California getting an update on their development projects.


Included are:


Forensic Artifact project

GRR (Google Rapid Response)

Rekall memory analysis platform


Timesketch and more!


Nov 23, 2015

Forensic Lunch!
This weeks guests:
Andrew Case,@attrc, from the Volatility Project talking about Volatility 2.5, new plugins and the winners of this years Volatility Plugin Contest

Yogesh Kahtri, from Champlain, talking about SRUM forensics in Windows 8.1+. A truly amazing new artifact

Matt and I talking about our new open source tool Elastic Handler

Nov 2, 2015

The Forensic Lunch!


In this episode we are broadcasting live from OSDFCon with the following content:

1. A revised set of rules from our popular forensic game. This time we follow $10,000 pyramid rules to see which of two forensic teams can win!

2. Brian Carrier from Basis Technology talking about whats new Autopsy 4.0

3. Rob Fry from Netflix talking about their new open source framework called Fido and hanging with Kevin Spacey

4. Matthew and I talking about our new automation, normalization and correlation framework ElasticHandler

Oct 15, 2015

This week on the forensic lunch we have:

Dave Hawkins talking about his firms currently unbeaten contest,

Chris Pavan, talking about his computer forensics program at Cal State Fullerton and his work in IR at Bechtel

James Habben talking about his web based front end to volatility called eVOLVe and all the cool things you can do with it

Oct 15, 2015

This broadcast we have:

Mari Degrazia talking about testing MFT parsers and what goes into them.

Lee Whitfield talking about the events of the week

Suzanne Widdup talking about her work on the Verizon DBIR and a solicitation for your involvement

A talk about Cortana's location tracking storage


Sep 14, 2015

Live from CEIC with Michael Robinson, Ronald Clark and more!

Sep 14, 2015

In this episode:
We discuss the Ashley Madison Data Leak and it's implications for DFIR
David Dym, @dave873, talks about the newest version of Metadiver and it's ability to show even more metadata, including the contents of pst files and extended mapi!
Get it at:

Matthew and I talk about our new open source project GC LNK Parser which exposes all of the shell item data we didn't know was there! (Except Joachim Metz)

We also preview our integration of our tools to Elastic Search, a preview of our OSDF Con talk and a short talk about things to come in Triforce.

Also SANS FOR578, Cyber Threat Intelligence, is now available publicly! Learn more about it here:

The SANS Poster on Rekall Memory forensics is out as well and you can get it here:

Sep 14, 2015

In this episode recorded in front of a live audience:
Our first game of Forensic Passphrase
Vitaliy Mokosiy of Atola talking about Atola Insight Forensic and its cool direct firmware controls
Brain Carrier of Basis Technology talking about Autopsy 3, Plugin development with Python and OSDF Con
Brian Moran of BriMor Labs talking about his live response scripts and new trends in attacker activities

Sep 14, 2015

Freedom Edition!
Join Matt and I and current guests:
Eric Zimmerman, talking deleted registry key analysis and new features in Registry Explorer and more!

You can get the #DFIRSummit release here:

Sep 14, 2015

Guests are Matt Bromiley

Dimitry from Bocasoft

Sep 14, 2015

Live from CEIC.  Ben LeMere from Berla, Jeff the Product Evanglist from Guidance Software, Amber Shroader from Paraben, and more!

Sep 14, 2015

The you should have filed your taxes edition!

This week is all about the Forensic 4cast awards. We cover all of the nominees and make our official votes.

Sep 14, 2015

The thank goodness April Fools day is over edition

Guests this week:
Devon Kerr talking about his work at Mandiant/Fireeye and his research into WMI for both IR and attacker usage.

You can email Devon here:
and you can follow him on twitter here:

Get cool tools from the Mandiant github here:

Watch Devon talk more about WMI and IR at the SANS DFIR Summit:

Matthew and I going into the Automating DFIR series and our upcoming talk at CEIC

We are on the CEIC agenda here:

Sep 14, 2015

We had another great Forensic Lunch! This broadcast we had:

James Carder of the Mayo Clinic, @carderjames, talking all about automating your response process to separate the random attacks from sophisticated attacks. You can hear James talk about this and much more at the SANS DFIR Summit where he'll be a panelist! If you want to work with James Mayo Clinic is hiring.

Mayo Clinic Infosec and IR Jobs:
Contact James Carder:

Special Agent Eric Zimmerman of the FBI, @EricRZimmerman , talking about his upcoming in depth Shellbags talk at the SANS DFIR Summit as well as his new tool called Registry Explorer. RE and Eric's research into windows registries will be continued in the next broadcast. Whether you are interested in registries from a research, academic or investigative perspective this is a must see, and FREE, tool!

Eric's Blog:
Eric's Github:
Registry Explorer:

Sep 14, 2015

Guests this broadcast:

Ben LeMere of Berla talking about Vehicle Forensics, Embedded Systems, Cam bus networks and all the fun he's been having with doing forensics on car entertainment systems. You may be very surprised but what he has to say!
Lee Whitfield talking about Superfish, what happened and what you need to know.
Robin Keir of Crowdstrike talking about his research and role at Crowdstrike, specifically Superfetch and CrowdResponse

Show links
Ben LeMere
Twitter: @BenLeMere

Lee Whitfield
Forensic 4cast Award Nominations:
Twitter: @lee_whitfield

Robin Keir
Crowd Response:
Twitter: @RobinKeir

Sep 14, 2015

The after Thanksgiving Hangover edition:

This week we had Eric Zimmerman, @ericrzimmerman, talking about Shellbags, his tool Shellbag explorer and our research into new things we can determine from them.

Sep 14, 2015

We had an interesting Forensic Lunch today with:

Rob Fuller, @mubix, talking about his new project, project mentor where Rob is offering to help mentor you into developing the real technical skills in infosec and dfir to get into the industry and other noble aspirations.

David Dym, @dave873, talking about the latest version of Metadiver which is available to download at which can crawl a directory and pull out all the metadata it can find into xls, json, xml and other formats. He also makes shadowkit.

Kevin Stokes talking about how to extend and expand our USB Multiboot Dongle, you can download the dongle image here:!i45WhQya!SQILk0T...

Zoltan Szabo, talking about his stance on Digital Forensics as a science.You can email him at if you want to give your feedback to his opinions.

Sep 14, 2015

This week with:

Yogesh Kahtri talking about his Windows 8 registry forensics research (You can read it here and email him

Dan Pullega talking about his extensive research into Windows Shellbags ( and email Dan at

David Dym talking about his new tool MetaDiver (You can download it here

and Matthew and myself talking about v3 of ANJP and demoing the auto detection of CD Burning.

Sep 14, 2015

Robert Haist, talking about his research with page_brute in recovering command execution and other fun things from the pagefile, read his blog about it here:

Amber Shroader, talking about Device Seizure 6.5 and a great discussion on what happens behind the scenes in your mobile forensics tools as well as the future of cloud phone data acquisition. You can find out more about Device Seizure here:


Joakim Schicht, discussing his tools and research, including how he approaches these projects and develops them. You can find his google code repository here: with all the tools mentioned today and more!

Sep 4, 2015

The Forensic Lunch!

This week we have the Chief Evangelist of Accessdata Tim Leehealey, here to talk to us about FTK 6, whats going on at accessdata and your questions.

Aug 25, 2015

Anuj Soni, discussing webshells and attacker tools
Jason Trost, discussing the Modern Honey Net project he's working on at Threatstream
Matt Bromiley talking about the work we are done to extend the MHN reporting by integrating elastic search and Kibana to visualize the data

Show notes:
Anuj Soni:
Twitter: @asoni
• My SANS Webcast on web shells:
• The upcoming FOR610 course in Monterey:
• My bio and instructor page:
- Webacoo

Jason Trost:
Twitter: @jason_trost
Threatstream Github:
Jason's Github:
Modern Honey Network:

Matt Bromiley:
Twitter: @505forensics
MHN Visualization Series:

Lee Whitfield:
Twitter: @lee_whitfield
Forensic 4cast awards nomination:
Facebook Threatexchange:

Aug 25, 2015

This weeks guests:
Kyle Maxwell - Threat Intel and Honeypots
Lenny Zeltser - Malware Reversing, attacker tools and capturing malware

To join the community MHN project discussion on this show email us at

Aug 25, 2015

The first forensic lunch of the new year!
We had an open chat with a discussion of honeypots with Ken Pryor

Aug 25, 2015

More about Shellbag research with Eric Zimmerman and other topics!

Aug 25, 2015

This week we had:
Matt Bromiley, @505forensics, talking about NoSQL injection attacks and forensics to detect them. You can read more about it on his blog

Matt Harrigan, @mattharrigan, of PacketSled, @packetsled, talking about his network visualization tool that is soon to have a free version released. You can sign up for the beta and get this into your hands at

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