The Forensic Lunch with David Cowen and Matthew Seyer

The Forensic Lunch! The twice a month podcast devoted to Digital Forensics and Incident Response!
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The Forensic Lunch with David Cowen and Matthew Seyer






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Sep 23, 2016

The forensic lunch!

The twice a month live videocast/podcast all about #DFIR

This episode we have:

Bradley Schatz of Shatz Forensics and Evimetry, @blschatz, talking about his amazing new toolset Evimetry. Watch this first segment to learn more about AFF4, imaging bottlenecks and how his toolset can allow faster imaging locally, remotely and in cloud while doing a bunch of other really cool stuff!

Learn more about his toolset here:

Scott Wahlstrom of KPMG, @wahlstros, came on to talk about the deployable mobile forensic GoKits KPMG has been testing and using in the field. Cool stuff here if you ever wonder how you can bring an entire analysis lab to a data center for a week.

Lastly Matt and I talk about whats new in Windows 10 Forensics with the following artifacts covered:
Lnk Files
Recent Docs
Shell bags and

Watch a couple times to really understand the impact this will have on your investigations!

Sep 2, 2016

The Forensic Lunch!

The videocast/livecast/podcast all about #DFIR!

This week we have Eric Zimmerman talking about the work he did speed and scale testing Encase, FTK and X-ways.


Also Matthew and I talking about our newest tool BitRocker which will expose which recovery keys will unlock a bitlocker encrypted volume.

Get our newest tool BitRocker here:

Read Eric's testing here:

Sep 2, 2016

The Forensic Lunch!

The twice a month live videocast/podcast all about #DFIR!

This broadcast is all about running an isolated virtual network on Intels newest NUC, the Skull Canyon. Watch the video to see us demonstrate running 5 vms in an isolated virtual network on a small, fast and low powered portable system.

You can get the Intel NUC Skull Canyon at amazon here:

or at your local Microcenter or Fry's

This is the M.2 NVME SSD Drive I'm using to get 2GB/s reads and 1.5GB/s writes:

This is the memory I used:

Here is the link to the free version of ESXI v6:

Expect a blog post where I go through the process

Aug 16, 2016

The Forensic Lunch!

The twice a month live videocast/podcast all about #DFIR !\

This broadcast:
Matt Bromiley, +Matt Bromiley talking about filters he has made for Elastic Handler and work
Talking about the 1st Annual Defcon Forensic CTF
Updates to EventMonkey to work with EVTXtract from Willi Ballenthin and bringing in descriptions
and more!

Download the Defcon Forensics CTF Here:

The password to extract:

Submit your answers here:

Link to event monkey:

Jul 29, 2016

It's the Forensic Lunch!

The twice a month live videocast/podcast all about DFIR

This episode's guests:
Phil Hagen
Eric Zimmerman

- Twitter: @SOF_ELK
- Config/code repo:
- VM readme (w/ instructions and download link):

Jul 15, 2016

It's the Forensic Lunch!

The twice monthly videocast/podcast just about  #DFIR  join us as we talk about whats new and what new things you can do!

This broadcast we are taking the time to update you on our own tools.

We talked about:
Pancake Viewer, an open source tool to visually explore forensic images and shadow copies (like an open source ftk imager),
Event Monkey, an open source and multi threaded event log parser that outputs to sqlite and ElasticSearch,
Event Monkey Monitor, a tool we are working on releasing that lets you monitor event logs in real time
pytskUSBDeviceForensics, a version of WoanWare's USB Device Forensics program that allows you to feed in images,

Jul 13, 2016

This episode is live from Enfuse with


Jake Williams and Heather Mahalik

Paul Shomo of Guidance Software

Ashley Hernandez of Guidance Software

Jeff Hedlesky of Guidance Software

Jul 13, 2016

Forensic Lunch live from EnFuse with Rob Batzloff talking about Encase 8, and James Wiebe talking about new advancements at CRU

Apr 29, 2016

The Forensic Lunch!

A special episode hosted by Nicole Ibrahim and featuring in no particular order:

Mari Degrazia
Cindy Murphy
Heather Mahalik 
Sarah Edwards
Shelly Giesbrecht

Apr 8, 2016

The forensic lunch!

The one hour, mostly, DFIR videocast/podcast

This weeks guest:

Jared Atkinson,@jaredcatkinson, talking about about DFIR in powershell or as he calls his toolset PowerForensics

What a great Forensic Lunch today with Jared Atkinson talking all about how to do forensics on a live system or mounted image with his Powershell framework PowerForensics.

You can grab your own copy of PowerForensics on Github here:

Read his Blog here:

Vote for him in the Forensic4Cast Awards here:
Reminder I'm up for voting in another category as well!

and of course you can follow him on Twitter here:

Btw, if you want to learn Windows Forensic with me I'm schedule to teach SANS FOR408 Windows Forensics in Houston May 9-14. You can find out more here:

Mar 28, 2016

The Forensic Lunch!

The one hour, mostly, videocast/podcast all about DFIR.

This weeks guests:
Maxime Lamothe-Brassard of Refraction Point talking about his project Lima Charlie

Ryan Nolette, Security Operations Lead at Carbon Black, talking about all of the ransomware variants he's been seeing and how shadow copies are affected

Us talking about how different tools deal with shadow copies and accessing deleted shadow copies

Mar 17, 2016

It's the forensic lunch!


This broadcast James and I go through the results of our testing of different file carving tools:

X-Ways Forensics

Bulk Extractor


Blackbag Blacklight

Feb 27, 2016

It's the Forensic Lunch! The one hour, mostly, videocast/podcast all about DFIR!

This weeks guests:
Austin Colby, Joe Sylve and Vico Marziale from Black Bag talking about the newest additions to the new version coming out in a matter of days.

Jan 22, 2016

The Forensic Lunch!

The 1 hour, usually, videocast/podcast that brings you the latest in new DFIR research, topics and people.

This weeks guests:
Hal Pomeranz,@hal_pomeranz, of Deer Run associates talking about updates to his Linux Memory Grabber and some research into bash_history behavior.

You can get the linux memory grabber he discussed here

Hal can be reached at

Eric Zimmerman,@EricRZimmerman, of Kroll's cyber security practice talking about prefetch and explaining his tool to get more, as well as whats new in Windows 10 prefetch

You can get Eric's prefetch parser here:

Matthew and I showing how to use the hfs+ journal parser and what to do with it

You can get the HFS+ Journal parser here:

Jan 8, 2016

The first new lunch of the new year with

Sarah Holmes of the Foreman project (Open Source DFIR Matter Management), You can get a copy (and contribute to!) foreman here:

You can contact Sarah here:

Michael Robinson of the Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge talking about well the Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge
You can join the Black T-Shirt Cyber Forensics Challenge here:

You can contact them at

Our FSEvents tool will be released just as soon as we write documentation for it. Want an early release for testing? Email me